• Advanced Growing7 mistakes not to make with plant training

    7 mistakes not to make with plant training

    Cannabis is an easy plant to grow. Marijuana plants grow quickly and easily and they will happily squeeze through all sorts of twists and turns if you train them well. Here are the 7 mistakes not to make with plant training.

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  • Pest Control

    Garden Pests Thrips Control

    Garden Pests Thrips Control  WHAT ARE THRIPS?     When growing your favourite fruits, flowers or veggies in your garden, sooner or later you’ll have to deal with thrips feasting on your plants. Usually, the first signs of Thrips on Marijuana will be the visual damage they do to your plants’ leaves. This damage will appear as small, slug like, silvery trails accompanied by patches of white/yellow spots on the leaves. This is the result of thrips piercing the leaf tissue…

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  • Cannabis Basics

    Three things you should know about trichomes

    Three things you should know about trichomes Trichomes are small hair-like appendages. They are produced by marijuana, and other plants. Female marijuana plants produce certain trichomes that are a rich source of THC. These trichomes can be found in the highest concentration in the flowers, or the buds. They start with a milky color, which then turns with age to amber (light brown). The Trichomes in Image 1 are clear. After the plant has bloomed for a few weeks, the trichomes…

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  • Cannabis BasicsEbb and Flow System (aka Flood and Drain)

    Cannabis Ebb and Flow System (aka Flood and Drain)

    Cannabis Ebb and Flow System (aka Flood and Drain) Cannabis Ebb and Flow System is a very popular method among first time hydroponicists.  It uses a submersible pump in a nutrient reservoir to pump nutrients into an upper tray containing the plants.  The pump is switched on several times a day via a basic timer.  The nutrient solution is pumped up to the upper tray and it floods the root system, getting rid of any old air that was in…

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  • Cannabis BasicsBilbo starts hanging his lamps at 1.80m and then slowly brings them closer to give the

    Bilbo’s Super Buds

    Bilbo’s Super Buds A blast from the past showing some of the best growers from the early days of cannabis growing these pictures were originally posted on the Overgrow Forum around 2003 Enjoy! Some grow weed for their own pleasure while others grow it to make money. Whatever the motivation, the most important thing is the same for all, and that is producing the largest and most potent heads. Also to learn from each crop so as to improve the…

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  • Strain Reviewscritical haze strain review

    Critical Haze Strain Review

    Critical Haze Critical Haze is a Cross of Critical Mass and Amnesia Haze. And this cannabis strain really has it all. psychedelic and very large harvests!. Critical Haze strain got the title Cannabis Plant of the Year Way back in 2008. Along with many other award titles over the years which adorn this cannabis strain.        Critical Haze strain, this cannabis strain is one of those special cannabis strains, which is appreciated by many cannabis lovers.     Critical Haze Seeds CRITICAL…

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