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  • Advanced Growing

    Plant Tissue Culture: For Gardeners as well as Geeks?

    Plant Tissue Culture: For Gardeners as well as Geeks? The mother plant. Ahhhhhhhh! There she is, standing tall, majestic and benevolent. She’s the heart of it all, providing cutting after cutting and crop after crop of glorious fruits, vegetables, or flowers. Let us all kneel before her, salivating with gratefulness and … {Cue needle scratch sound on record.} ”YOU DON’T NEED A MOTHER PLANT!” cries a dissenting voice. Whaaat!!!? Who dares declare this heresy? Why, it is Mr. Billy Graham!…

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    Low Stress Cannabis Training For Maximum Yield (Lst)

    low stress cannabis training Low Stress Cannabis Training For Maximum Yield Here, nature collides with your skills in plant growing to create great results. You want to be able to control the plant growth and get maximum yield out of every plant. Even in a small space, training your cannabis plant is a great way to do this.   The method is particularly suitable if you do not have a high ceiling in your flowering area. Or you have only one…

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  • Cannabis Basics

    Coco Coir Explained

    Coco Coir Explained Best Seed Bank takes a detailed look at the rise and rise of coco coir as a hydroponic growing media. The glorious coconut has been providing us with much more than the odd Piña Colada for centuries. Traditionally, coconut coir (the outer fibrous husk) has been the backbone of “Welcome” doormats, brushes, sofa stuffing, and horticulture for well over 100 years but, as far as hydroponics is concerned, coco coir started to make a name for itself during…

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  • Cannabis Basics

    Difference Between Male And Female Plants

    Difference Between Male And Female Plants, Knowing how to tell the sex of your Marijuana plants is important as it is the female plants that offer us those delicious buds that once dried we can smoke. The male plants are usually only used for one thing, to pollinate female plants, to obtain regular cannabis seeds.

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  • Grow Info6_weeks_in_flower

    Cannabis Flowering Stage Week By Week

    Cannabis Flowering Stage Week By Week, The Flowering cycle is the third major cycle after the Germination and Vegetative cycle. The flowering cycle of a Cannabis plant is very similar to that of any other plant and herb. How long does the cannabis flowering stage last? The Flowering cycle of a Cannabis plant can take between 6-24 weeks depending on the individual strain. When does the cannabis flowering cycle start? The average flowering cycle starts when a Cannabis plant receives…

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  • Curing and Processing CannabisBest Method To Dry And Cure Marijuana

    Best Method To Dry And Cure Marijuana

    Preparing your marijuana for smoking is a two-part process that can take as long as two months, however, a good amount should be smokable within a couple of weeks. Be patient and don’t quick dry too much because if you have the patience, you will likely have the best weed you’ve ever smoked.

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