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  • PropagationAll About Cannabis Seeds

    All You Need To Know About Cannabis Seeds

    All You Need To Know About Cannabis Seeds , the explosive growth of seed breeders and legal seed sales in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Switzerland, Spain, etc. , has given way to more strains of cannabis than ever before. All You Need To Know About Cannabis Seeds Most popular strains of cannabis are a combination of two or more of the following: C sativa, C indica, C ruderalis, and C. afghanica. But there are also many seeds…

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  • Cannabis BasicsMedical Marijuana and Nausea

    Medical Marijuana and Nausea

        Medical Marijuana and Nausea The use of medical marijuana to relieve nausea is well established, both anecdotally and from research papers. Both THC and cannabinoids are known to mitigate nausea, and smoking weed gives better relief from vomiting that taking THC orally.   A two studies undertaken in 2007 revealed that THC improves appetite and reduced weight loss in AIDS patients and smoking medical marijuana led to an increased intake of cannabis and weight gain.   As nausea…

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  • Cannabis Basics

    White Widow

      White Widow is frequently quoted to be the classic modern strain; it is certainly extremely popular within the marijuana community as a whole and has won a whole host of awards. This strain contains very high levels of THC and exceptionally low levels of CBD’s and CBN’s. If you take another look at our guide to choosing marijuana strains you will see that CBD’s and CBN’s have an enormous part to play in the relief of some medical conditions.…

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  • Curing and Processing CannabisCharas the Black Gold of the Himalayas ,

    Charas the Black Gold of the Himalayas

      Charas the Black Gold of the Himalayas, The Indian legends say that charas is so good that even the god Shiva himself smoked it when he retired to meditate on the mountains. The charas – which means hand-drawn hashish – is one of the greatest treasures of the Himalayas.   It is obtained from the enormous sativas that grow in the mountains and valleys of this mountain range as it passes through the peninsula of Hindustan.   This cost is not…

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  • Aeroponics

    24 site DIY Aero Cloner

    24 site DIY Aero Cloner   The most preferred cloning method is using aeroponics. Aeroponic cloning devices consist of the ez cloner and the daisy cloner. These kinds of cloning devices use the aeroponic system of hanging the plant stem/clipping in air. Water is then sprayed onto the plant clipping in order to keep as close to 100 % moisture within the chamber as feasible. By hanging the plant stem into air and spraying water onto the stem, the new…

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  • Strain ReviewsCritical + 2.0 cbd auto By Dinafem Strain Review

    Critical + Auto CBD By Dinafem Strain Review

    Critical + Auto CBD Critical + Auto CBD is an auto-flowering feminized cannabis seed, rich in CBD, derived from the crossing of a Critical + and an Auto CBD. Characteristics : Seed type: CBD / Auto / Fem THC / CBD ratio: 1: 2 climate: Temperate / Dry Height: Medium Plant flowering: 70 – 75 days Indoor Harvest: 450g / m² Outdoor Harvest: 60 to 170 g / Plant genotype: 30% Sativa / 20% Indica / 50% Ruderalis Latest Reviews. Find…

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