• Growing OutdoorsWhen Will Your Outdoor Cannabis Plants Mature

    When Will Your Outdoor Cannabis Plants Mature?

    When Will Your Outdoor Cannabis Plants Mature?. The cannabis plant flowers based on the number of hours of uninterrupted dark it receives. When a critical period is reached for several days the plant changes its growth from vegetative to flowering. During the spring and summer, the number of hours of darkness shrinks as the latitude increases. For instance, on June 16 close to June 22, the longest day of the year and the first day of summer, there are nine…

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  • Advanced Growingcannabis light schedule

    The Gas Lantern Cannabis Light Schedule

    The Gas Lantern Routine for Growing Cannabis During the course of my observations growing cannabis, I’ve realized that factors such as clone burn-out appear to suggest that overexposure to light is adversely affecting the hormonal balance from the growing plants.   Resulting in the genetics of the cuts and seedlings to degrade over the course of several generations.   Cannabis seems quite happy when the hormones are allowed to properly build up more throughout a natural outdoor vegetative cycle. This…

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  • Cannabis Basics

    Coco Coir Explained

    Coco Coir Explained Best Seed Bank takes a detailed look at the rise and rise of coco coir as a hydroponic growing media. The glorious coconut has been providing us with much more than the odd Piña Colada for centuries. Traditionally, coconut coir (the outer fibrous husk) has been the backbone of “Welcome” doormats, brushes, sofa stuffing, and horticulture for well over 100 years but, as far as hydroponics is concerned, coco coir started to make a name for itself during…

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  • Advanced Growing

    Screen Of Green – SCROG – Green Screen

    Screen Of Green – SCROG – Green Screen, Screen Of Green (abbreviated SCROG ) is one of the LST or Low Stress Training which means LOW STRESSED TRAINING because there is a physical damage of plants. What is the Screen Of Green (SCROG)? SCROG is a very similar method of cultivation as  LST training. Actually, for me, it is LST except that instead of wires or cords we are using a net to give the necessary direction of the new…

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  • Vertical Limits

    Indoor Hydroponic Vertical Garden Screen

    Indoor Hydroponic Vertical Garden Screen       Inspired by the Windowfarms in her former office, Brooklyn designer Danielle Trofe attended an urban farming conference which set her in motion to design her own self-sustaining vertical garden system, Live Screen.     Hydroponic Technology for Small Spaces Live Screen utilizes hydroponic technology rendering indoor gardening accessible and easy for the space-deprived urban dweller. A living piece of art that enables city folks to garden sustainably in small spaces, Live Screen also functions as…

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  • NutrientsHeath robinson hog strain

    Cannabis Bloom Boosters Fact or Fiction?

    Cannabis Bloom Boosters Fact or Fiction? Cannabis Bloom Boosters Fact or Fiction, If ever there is a mountain to be made out of a mole hill in the indoor gardening industry, where the logic of 1+1=3 is accepted and ten products can be justified from two elements – I think Hydroponic Nutrients and bloom boosters in particular fit the bill. In contrast to field-crop agriculture, Hydroponic nutrient companies often recommend combining base nutrients with various bloom boosters in the early, mid, and…

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