• Grow LightsBest Spectrum - LED grow lights for cannabis plants

    Best Spectrum – LED grow lights for medical plants

    Best Spectrum – LED grow lights for medical plants LED grow lights for medical plants have made considerable advances in recent years. They are now competitive and at times outperform older HID technology – that is if the light has the most favorable spectrum and correct number of bands for plant photosynthesis. So what is the best spectrum for indoor growing with LED grow lights and how many bands of light will give the highest yield? There are many variations…

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  • Curing and Processing CannabisHow to make Canna Glycerine within a day

    Make Quick and Easy Cannabis Glycerin Tincture in 24 Hours

    Make Quick and Easy Cannabis Glycerin Tincture in 24 Hours, These days, many medical marijuana patients much rather consumer their medication by ingesting it than smoking it. That being said, I set out to find the most versatile way to do that, and I think I have. Cannabis Glycerin or medical marijuana glycerin tincture can be used in recipes ranging from hard candies to cookies, brownies, soda, and more. Also the properties of glycerin make cannabis glycerin a great body…

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  • grow roomMicro Ghetto Grow In A Computer Case

    Micro Ghetto Grow In A Computer Case.

    Grow In A Computer Case. Even if your home is the size of a shoebox, you can find a good place to grow cannabis: a computer case, an aquarium or a cupboard under the sink – the cannabis plant can thrive almost anywhere. In the not too distant future, we will look back on the stupid war on cannabis. The idea that some establishment has the power to deprive us of the right to grow a medicinal plant – or…

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  • Hydroponic Systemspassive hydroponics

    Passive Hydroponics

    Passive Hydroponics  When they made use of soil, almost all growers that have actually tried out with hydroponics have actually reported that their plants grew quicker than. This was with the same strains, genetics, and conditions. Hydroponic growing takes a whole lot of work, and you need to pay careful attention to the vitamins and mineral levels. With this design of growing, plants get even more oxygen, enabling them to grow quicker. One certain report stated that the hydroponics plants…

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  • Cannabis BasicsCannabis Interactions with other drugs

    Cannabis Interactions with other drugs

    Cannabis Interactions with other drugs Those concerned often wonder what interactions with conventional medications can occur, Cannabis can affect the effects of some medications, so it is very important to always be well informed.

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  • Nutrientshandy-little-cannabis-ph-meter-chart


    What Does the Handy Little Cannabis pH Meter Chart Do? First, you dont need to be an established chemist with 10 years lab experience to grow cannabis. Once you are done planting your first seeds, you can continue towards creating the right environment for your plants. Most probably, chemistry was probably one the of your most disliked classes at school and if you havent been truly fascinated with it, then youve probably been traumatized by it. Here is a handy little cannabis Ph…

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