• Vertical LimitsAnd the two cuttings I hand watered to test the system:

    Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks: Part 2

    Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks: Part 2 Heath Robinson Vertical Garden Racks archived from the HG420 Forums  12th April 2007, 05:06 AM And a pic showing the used nutrients dropping down to the next level, this pic was taken at the opening into the system:   The nutrient return from all the system, all the guttering is connected together and the red tank is a sump res with a pump fitted with a float, when the level in the res triggers the…

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    Low Stress Cannabis Training For Maximum Yield (Lst)

    low stress cannabis training Low Stress Cannabis Training For Maximum Yield Here, nature collides with your skills in plant growing to create great results. You want to be able to control the plant growth and get maximum yield out of every plant. Even in a small space, training your cannabis plant is a great way to do this.   The method is particularly suitable if you do not have a high ceiling in your flowering area. Or you have only one…

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  • Pest Control

    Garden Pests Thrips Control

    Garden Pests Thrips Control  WHAT ARE THRIPS?     When growing your favourite fruits, flowers or veggies in your garden, sooner or later you’ll have to deal with thrips feasting on your plants. Usually, the first signs of Thrips on Marijuana will be the visual damage they do to your plants’ leaves. This damage will appear as small, slug like, silvery trails accompanied by patches of white/yellow spots on the leaves. This is the result of thrips piercing the leaf tissue…

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  • Cannabis BasicsRepotting Marijuana Plants For Healthy Growth and Yield

    Repotting Cannabis Plants For Healthy Growth and Yield

    Repotting Cannabis Plants Repotting Cannabis Plants For Healthy Growth and Yield. As cannabis plants become too large for their plant pot, they need to be re-potted. This ensure healthy rapid growth and encourage large buds. A close crowded and too intricate root system in plant pot produces weak and delayed growth of cannabis plants. This promotes thin branches and smaller buds.   Marijuana plants grown outdoors are usually much larger than indoor cultivation. Outdoor plants should if possible get large planters to…

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  • NutrientsBeginners Guide To Mixing Hydroponics Nutrient Solutions

    Beginners Guide To Mixing Hydroponics Nutrient Solutions

    Quick note: іf you’re nоt sure whу pH аnd CF levels аrе important іn thе context оf nutrient solutions, check оut thе introductory articles ‘A Beginners Guide Tо pH Management’ аnd ‘A Beginners Guide Tо CF Control’. Onсе уоu hаvе got tо grips wіth hоw different pH аnd CF readings affect уоur feeds, it’s tіmе tо learn hоw tо concoct a good batch! Equipment Yоu wіll need a small number оf essential items tо gеt уоur feeds set uр. Thеѕе…

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  • HydroponicsHeath Robinson AK47 grown by Billy Liar

    Hydroponics: Amazing Harvests In The Quickest Possible Time

    Hydroponics amazing harvests  When plants are grown indoors the time is precious since the cost of recreating a natural environment is high. This leads indoor growers to wonder how to optimize the space, shorten the growth and flower cycles and increase the harvest. There is only one answer to these questions: hydroponic cultivation. For those of you who do not know what it is, it simply consists of cultivating plants without soil, in an inert substrate or in water. Hydroponics…

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