• Cannabis BasicsA.D.D. Next Generation Seeds

    A.D.D. Next Generation Seeds

      A.D.D. Type: Regular Climate: Indoor, Outdoor Flowering: 70 Days Yield: ????? Height: ????? Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa Effect: Cerebral High Flavour: ????? THC Level: ????? Growing: Medium/Hard A.D.D is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually among the mostly Sativas you could get from Next Generation seeds. This marijuana strain is actually one of the best strains you could get that would be applicable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. This would then give you ease in terms of choosing the right location…

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  • Grow Lights

    How To Grow Medical Marijuana Using LED Grow Lights

    How To Grow Medical Marijuana Using LED Grow Lights The biggest difference between growing with LEDs and growing with High-Pressure Sodiums is the amount of heat that the lights put on. High-Pressure Sodium runs hot and LEDs run cool. In a High-Pressure Sodium room, your ambient temperature of the room is typically 10 degrees cooler than the temperature directly under the light. With LEDs, my room temperature and the temperature under the light is actually the same. Most people agree…

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  • Pest Control

    Garden Pests Thrips Control

    Garden Pests Thrips Control  WHAT ARE THRIPS?     When growing your favourite fruits, flowers or veggies in your garden, sooner or later you’ll have to deal with thrips feasting on your plants. Usually, the first signs of Thrips on Marijuana will be the visual damage they do to your plants’ leaves. This damage will appear as small, slug like, silvery trails accompanied by patches of white/yellow spots on the leaves. This is the result of thrips piercing the leaf tissue…

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  • Grow Room EnviromentAll you need to know about grow room ventilation

    Easy Grow Room Ventilation Setup 101 All You Need To Know

    Easy Grow Room Ventilation Setup 101 All You Need To Know. Ventilation is essential in your grow room. It provides much needed fresh air and constant supply of CO2 to your plants. It also helps to keep humidity and temperature under control. Excessive humidity and heat could be harmful to your indoor garden. HID lamps can overheat your tent very quickly, and a ventilation system is necessary to extract this hot air. Why Do We Need Grow Room Ventilation? How…

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  • Hydroponic SystemsBuild your own diy aeroponic system

    Build your own diy aeroponic system

    Build your own diy aeroponic system My first encounter with a commercially-available hydroponic system was a garden professionally manufactured from 6 inch PVC pipe. Since then, I’ve experimented with several variations on that design, in search of less expensive ways to get started in hydroponics. Shown here growing several varieties of leafy greens This system is extremely versatile and very popular with commercial growers looking to produce large harvests from small spaces both indoors and out. PVC pipe’s inherent ease…

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  • PropagationSeeds From Your Stash

    Grow Guide: Seeds and Seedlings what you need to know

    Get the Best Seeds Getting the best seeds is the only reliable way to get the best plants. Quality seeds may sound expensive but they are well worth it in the long run. Good seed banks test the germination rate of their seeds as well as the genetic stability of plants grown from the seed. Once you have waited 3 or 4 months for dope and ended up with a load of old rope you start to be more choosy…

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