• Cannabis Basics

    Three things you should know about trichomes

    Three things you should know about trichomes Trichomes are small hair-like appendages. They are produced by marijuana, and other plants. Female marijuana plants produce certain trichomes that are a rich source of THC. These trichomes can be found in the highest concentration in the flowers, or the buds. They start with a milky color, which then turns with age to amber (light brown). The Trichomes in Image 1 are clear. After the plant has bloomed for a few weeks, the trichomes…

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  • Grow Info

    Hemp in Ancient Egypt: Pharaonic Secret

    Hemp in Ancient Egypt: Pharaonic Secret According to Egyptologists, hemp is a versatile plant that was used for religious purposes, but the Egyptians used it for their daily lives, especially for making fabrics. During this time, cannabis was also used to treat a wide variety of diseases. How the ancient Egyptians benefited from cannabis in their industry There are different types of cannabis plants. One is known as hemp, which is actually a form of industrial cannabis. In ancient Egypt…

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  • Curing and Processing Cannabiswhat is hash

    What Is Hash?

    What Is Hash?   Hash is basically a super potent form of marijuana. It is also known as hashish and is made from the resin and trichomes of the marijuana plant. As you should know the resin and the trichomes contain the majority of the psychoactive ingredients found in the marijuana plant. It created by sifting marijuana leaves and buds through screens and then pressing it to create solid or paste-like chunks of compress marijuana trichomes.   Hashish coloration typically…

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  • Cannabis BasicsGet-1-Gram_Watt-How-To-Improve-Your-Indoor-Grow

    Get 1 Gram Per Watt 6 Tips To Improve Your Indoor Grow

    Get 1 Gram/Watt 6 Tips To Improve Your Indoor Grow. 300 grams of weed per 600 HPS lamp is an average harvest for a new grower. Let's see if we can improve that; without spending extra money.

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  • Cannabis BasicsA.D.D. Next Generation Seeds

    A.D.D. Next Generation Seeds

      A.D.D. Type: Regular Climate: Indoor, Outdoor Flowering: 70 Days Yield: ????? Height: ????? Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa Effect: Cerebral High Flavour: ????? THC Level: ????? Growing: Medium/Hard A.D.D is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually among the mostly Sativas you could get from Next Generation seeds. This marijuana strain is actually one of the best strains you could get that would be applicable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. This would then give you ease in terms of choosing the right location…

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  • Autoflowering10 tips to Get the most out of your Autoflowers

    Autoflowers 10 ways to increase yield

    10 tips to Get the most out of your Autoflowers. For a long time, the auto-flowering cannabis strains remained very small in stature and did not yield a great harvest, since then they have come a long way are no longer inferior to the ‘normal’ weed species. If you choose the right auto-flower type and take care of it in the right way, you can grow weed with ease and also run super crops. With these 10 tips, you can…

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