• Curing and Processing Cannabiskief hash

    4 Easy Methods To Make Hashish

    4 Easy Methods To Make Hashish. Hashish is the ultimate, most potent form of marijuana consisting of trichomes taken off the buds of the marijuana plants and rolled up into little balls, processed, creating an amazing smoke and an equally amazing high. We at Best Seed Bank have compiled a list of the 4 easiest methods to make hash. They are easy, take only a little bit of time and you don’t even need that much marijuana, to begin with Finger…

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  • Cannabis BasicsBilbo starts hanging his lamps at 1.80m and then slowly brings them closer to give the

    Bilbo’s Super Buds

    Bilbo’s Super Buds A blast from the past showing some of the best growers from the early days of cannabis growing these pictures were originally posted on the Overgrow Forum around 2003 Enjoy! Some grow weed for their own pleasure while others grow it to make money. Whatever the motivation, the most important thing is the same for all, and that is producing the largest and most potent heads. Also to learn from each crop so as to improve the…

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  • Pests and ProblemsA quick guide to Diagnosing your cannabis plants problems

    A Quick Guide To Diagnosing Your Cannabis Plants Problems

    Use the following photos to quickly diagnose your Cannabis plants! Although many of the problems of the marijuana plant are really related to problems with the pH. Here are pictures to learn about the problems, deficiencies, or symptoms. Boron Deficiency Problem: A boron deficiency in cannabis is relatively rare, and usually accompanied by other types of nutrients or pH problems The first signs of boron deficiency are abnormally growing tips, together with brown spots on the leaves. Solution: Flush your plant…

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  • Advanced GrowingTrichoderma in Hydroponic Systems

    Trichoderma in Hydroponic Systems

    Trichoderma in Hydroponic Systems   Trichoderma is a naturally occurring genus of soil fungi which has been known to possess bio control qualities against a number of plant pathogens since the 1920s. While there are a number of plant-associated microbes, both fungi and bacteria which are strongly beneficial to plants, none has been more intensively studied than Trichoderma. Stable and effective preparations of Trichoderma have also been formulated into a range of bio control or “effective microorganism” products readily available…

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    Low Stress Cannabis Training For Maximum Yield (Lst)

    low stress cannabis training Low Stress Cannabis Training For Maximum Yield Here, nature collides with your skills in plant growing to create great results. You want to be able to control the plant growth and get maximum yield out of every plant. Even in a small space, training your cannabis plant is a great way to do this.   The method is particularly suitable if you do not have a high ceiling in your flowering area. Or you have only one…

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  • Cannabis BasicsEbb and Flow System (aka Flood and Drain)

    Cannabis Ebb and Flow System (aka Flood and Drain)

    Cannabis Ebb and Flow System (aka Flood and Drain) Cannabis Ebb and Flow System is a very popular method among first time hydroponicists.  It uses a submersible pump in a nutrient reservoir to pump nutrients into an upper tray containing the plants.  The pump is switched on several times a day via a basic timer.  The nutrient solution is pumped up to the upper tray and it floods the root system, getting rid of any old air that was in…

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